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"Hair Goals"

       This is my 2nd big chop. I’ve learned so many valuable lessons from my 1st big chop. The biggest and quickest lesson I learned was not to look to other people for “Hair Goals”. Let's take a second to dispense this theory of looking at other people’s hair and desiring their’s over your own! This programming is pushed with social media through likes and comments. However, your self love and self care runs deeper than clicks, touch screens, and hashtags. So throw that whole idea in the garbage! 

       I also don’t get involved in assigning my curl pattern to a category. My hair can not be tamed, much less defined or categorized. Me and my limitless strands of multiple textures are minding our own business, defying both societal standards of beauty and gravity at the same damn time!

       There is only one you. Literally! Yes, we as humans can find, and tend to connect with one another based on similarities. But it would be a travesty to deny the fact that every single one of God's designs are uniquely made. My hair, my physicality- God has gifted these things to me. So I, Jalisa Ann, choose to only refer to these treasures as “ My Beauty”. It is my responsibility to have the knowledge to value these gifts. The wisdom to share this self love I have found, and help build up that same confidence in others. Lastly, the understanding to develop my own standard of beauty.

        If no one has told you yet for the day, I need you to know you are absolutely stunning! Every feature is to be appreciated, from your naturally kinky curls right down to your toes. YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Now go forth and conquer the world, with your fine ass! *Muah

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