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Retention VS. Growth

Retention VS. Growth

For many of us, long and luscious hair is what we are striving to achieve. After all, some of us do so much to take care of our hair, we want to see results in length and retain it- right? But before we discuss how to retain length, let’s make sure we are on the same page about the difference between growth and retention. Now we reviewed the growth cycle in our Blog post entitled, “Hair Growth”. Feel free to double back, if you are foggy on the process. https://andthentherewasz.com/blogs/lets-dive-deeper/hair-growth . Also, let’s keep in mind that growth is a very individual process, everyone is different... Now that you’ve checkout our “Hair Growth” post, let’s dive deeper into Length Retention!

The retention of length is our visible growth. Length retention is the part we can actively participate in and see the results. This is creating a hair care regimen, preventing breakage, protective styling, etc. When y’all ask me, how do you get your hair to grow? My response will always be, “healthy hair grows! That’s genetics.”- See, our body does that for us. You don’t sit around thinking about breathing, right? Our body is just magical like that. I say, “It’s just time to retain that growth.” How our hair looks and how much of it we retain is up to us. We can assist our bodies with our ‘growth process’ by drinking lots of water, eating healthy, and taking the supplements we are messing from our diets because, your body still needs them.

Here is a list of things I do to RETAIN my growth. These are things I would highly suggest implementing into your hair care regimen. Keep in mind, this is individual! Choose and take what resonates with you. Implement the things that fit your lifestyle and personality. And Listen to your hair! One thing about hair, she always tells you exactly what she needs, so be sure to hear her out.

  1. I am a Libra, so maintaining a balance is key for me. My hair care regimen is what I attribute my Length Retention being = to my Hair Growth. The magic is simply that you get what you put in. With the internet, there is no top secret information not available to the general public. It’s your consistency and dedication to properly care for your tresses. The balance is going to be your perfect mix of having a healthy diet, drinking lots of water, listening to your hair by using the type of products your hair is asking for, and being consistent with it. This mix is what will make up your recipe to success.
  2. There is no such thing as cheat days! Never skip treatments and never cheat your regimen. When you just don’t feel like it remember your goal and hold yourself accountable.
  3. I wash my hair once a week. Your hair will tell you how many days is best for you, individually. I just recommend keeping your scalp and hair clean. As a result, I find my hair breaks and sheds less when it is freshly cleansed and hydrated. For some the 7 to 10 that my hair allows me, may be too little for some. Others like to co-wash 3x in a month and clarify wash on that 4th week of the month. I’ll keep saying it, it’s very individual.
  4. I always deep condition my hair to ensure my follicles are properly hydrated. Properly moisturizing your tresses ensures durability and flexibility in your hair so external elements and styling that will happen in the days after washing will not cause damage.In the summer, it’s on the sun and heat. In the winter, it’s the cold and wind which could be the culprits--stripping your hair’s moisture. And when it comes to dry hair, those factors definitely contribute. But there’s more to understand about dry hair, and many ways to moisturize every type of dry hair so that it feels soft and supple.
  5. BONNETS! Satin Pillow cases, Silk scarf, etc. Listen, As soon as I get home I pop on my bonnet. And I never sleep without it! Protecting your hair at night is a major key. *in my DJ Khalid voice.lol
  6. I love protective styling!  Buns and updos, twists, braids, wigs and sew-ins. Avoid any styles that pull tightly for too long. Be aware braids and sew-ins can also cause damage if not executed correctly. Constant pulling and tension tends to weaken hair, stress the scalp, and cause the loss of our delicate edges. Balance is essential. Putting your hair up in a protective style, as well as letting your hair breathe, by doing styles like twist outs and wash-n-go’s are important. Also, please keep in mind that synthetic braiding hair can cause excessive dryness, damage from friction, and even cut your follicles from being too tight. Be mindful. Protective styles should be cute but foremost protective.
  7. Less manipulation is always best. I always use a wide tooth shower comb to detangle my hair when wet. I clean my tools (combs, brushes, etc.) about every 2 weeks, and I replace them (including my clamp clips) about every 4-6 months. If you have been using the same tools for years, you are most likely causing damage by snagging away at your strands needlessly with your old tools. Keep your tools clean and remember to replace them. It’s not just about the products you use, the tools are important too!
  8. I do not use heat on my hair. This is a personal decision I have made for myself. My hair doesn’t react negatively to heat, especially when I use heat protectant and ceramic tools. I just see that it does take a toll on my curls and rather not but that stress on my hair. Don’t get me wrong if you want to occasional blowout and flat iron your hair sis, go for it! Just make sure to protect your hair and always mix in some non-heat styles in there too, to give your tresses a break.I personally always air dry my hair. And if I want to rock a straight style I’ll pop on a wig or get a sew-in. (Protective tip: Try air-drying or sitting under a hooded dryer before using a blow dryer, especially when doing a blow-out. Wet hair is extremely vulnerable, so pulling on it while wet with tools is not advised.)
  9. Lots of people say many different things about trimming your ends. I say, trim only as needed. Look if the goal is to retain length, then cutting 2” every 3-5months sound a bit counterproductive to me… I’m just saying!lol Healthy hair is the premise, then trimming split ends is going to keep ends from splitting further up the strands causing large amounts of breakage. In my humble opinion, trimming about .8”-1” quarterly is good enough for maintaining healthy hair. You know your hair better than anyone else. Trim what you need and how often you need to preserve and sustain health hair. Only you can determine what is best for your hair.
  10. TREATMENTS: I rotate my treatments based on my my hair needs at the time. So I tend to go back and forth between protein treatments and hydrating treatments. Remember, keeping a balance is key. You don’t want to over-do it. Your body is taking care of the growth processes for you. Think of your treatments as a boost, or a helping hand. Listen and your hair will tell you- if she is dry= needs more hydration, if she is weak= need more protein.

Don’t over think this stuff. You got this! And leave me a comment. Tell me if this helped you out at all,  let me know if you have any questions, what you are going to now apply to your regimen, or/and what you’ll be switching up now that you have this information.

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