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The Sauce

THE SAUCE is infused with many herbs that stimulate and promote healthy hair growth- you can think of it as a multivitamin for your hair. You can use THE SAUCE in many different ways. I personally use a small amount with my daily styling, whenever I do my scalp massages, as well as I use it as my pre-poo. So before I shampoo my hair I put about a nickle-quarter size in my hand and lightly coat my tresses and massage my scalp with THE SAUCE. Jam packed with all the goodies your hair wants and needs, such as protein, hydration, and repairing agents to achieve healthy resilient tresses.  
       Here is the link to THE SAUCE. You can check out all the ingredients, instructions, and uses. https://andthentherewasz.com/products/the-sauce-hair-growth-oil Most people start to see healthy changes in their hair within the first 1-2weeks. Please always keep in mind everyone is different and results will vary. 

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