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Collection: LashZzz

We are excited to present to you our collection of Luxury Mink Lashes.  Our lashes are hand-made, and feature our beautifully designed light-weight, flexible, black cotton-thread lash band. This will give you all-day confidence and comfort, from the first wear to 'Z'... All our lashes are reusable up to 35 wears.

CRUELTY-FREE Our lashes are latex and chemical free, and you can rest assured that the minks aren't harmed in the process of collecting the hairs for our beautiful lashes! Our cruelty-free lashes are safely collected from a free-range farm. Our manufacturer simply gets the hairs from the shedding which occurs in large volume naturally in healthy happy young minks (1.5 to 2 year old) This age range of young minks are selected for our Luxury Mink Lash Collection to provide you with the highest quality of sheen and durability.


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  • OG- Luxury Mink Lashes
    OG- Luxury Mink Lashes
  • JET SETTER COLLECTION- Luxury Mink Lashes
    JET SETTER COLLECTION- Luxury Mink Lashes