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THE PR VAULT - Luxury Mink Lashes $40 (value $55)

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We have opened our PR and you are on the top of our list! This admired set is valued at exactly $55.00USD, but we are giving it away for only 40. Set includes all three of our cruelty-free, handmade, luxury mink lashes. At Z, three’s a party, and we are excited to see the infinite amount of looks you create with our PR trio!


  • Top Back
  • Juicy
  • Wifey

Each lash is reusable up to 35 wears.


  1. Customize fit by trimming each eyelash to fit your eye.
  2. Apply your lash glue.
  3. Look downwards into a mirror to apply.
  4. When applying your lashes, position them down on to your lash line for a precision application. Secure lash in the center, then inner corner, followed by the outer corner.

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